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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

The Ability of Companies to Survive using Technology and the Teaching-Research Relationship as a Provider of Knowledge

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Company, Technology, Teaching, Research
  • Gonzalez-Neri, Rafael Albertti
  • Gonzalez-Neri, Hector Miguel
  • Gonzalez-Neri, Aaron Ivan
  • Islas-Reyes, Gerardo
In this work, an investigation is presented regarding the relationship that exists between the company as a generator of work and the universities as providers not only of human capital, but also of knowledge. The company’s ability to survive in this new scenario will depend on its ability to incorporate, in the shortest possible time, the skills and abilities directly related to change management (innovation), knowledge management and updating its human capital with a permanent formation of excellence. It is here where the role of the teacher as a trainer is very important, since teaching does not consist only in transmitting knowledge but in awakening in the student the taste and joy of learning, creating in his soul an affective bond with the others that surround him.; develop the individual from within and understand that you cannot teach the masses and in series, because everyone is different. The mission of teaching is to train people aware of their world and what they are capable of doing in favor of that world. The true teaching is one that encourages the student to forge the need to learn on their own and find in the teacher a guide, a journey companion to reach knowledge and in the group a space for meeting, exchange, discussion and confrontation of ideas.

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