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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

High School Students Under the Integrated Teaching Mode of Lecture and Practice Research on the Cultivation of Mathematical Operation Literacy

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Teaching Mode, Mathematical Operation, Core Literacy, Lecture and Practice Integration, Mathematical Operation Literacy
  • Xu, Hui
  • Ruan, Guangfen
Under the circumstance of the transformation of the main contradiction in our society and the gradual strengthening of the comprehensive national strength, the new curriculum reform has followed. My country's mathematics education must meet the new requirements of improving the comprehensive quality of the people and cultivating high-quality talents. In the 2017 edition of the 2020 revision of the "General High School Mathematics Curriculum Standards", China proposed six core competencies to be developed in the study of mathematics. The acquired value judgment standards necessary to adapt to social life and work, mathematical operation literacy is the ability that students must master in life and study, and is the necessary foundation for learning the subject. It plays a pivotal role in students' mathematics learning. Basic and excellent computing ability can escort the learning of mathematics, and good computing literacy is conducive to cultivating students' scientific and rigorous mathematical thinking quality. The development of good computing literacy not only depends on the unilateral efforts of students, but also has a close relationship with teachers' classroom teaching and teaching methods. Based on the teaching mode of the integration of teaching and practice, this paper uses the literature research method to carry out research on the cultivation of high school students' mathematical operation literacy. The research results show that the teaching mode of teaching and practice integration is helpful to improve students' correct understanding of operation objects, accurate selection of operation rules, etc., and is conducive to improving students' mathematical operation speed, operation efficiency and accuracy of operation results.

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