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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

The Place of Music in Prophecy in 2 Kings 3: 15-16 and the Nigerian Context

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Music, Prophecy, Elisha, African Indigenous, Pentecostals, Ancient Israel and Nigeria
  • Awojobi, Peter Olanrewaju
Music is a social phenomenon that is found in every religion in the world. One of the main functions of Music is that it enhances the dissemination of messages due to its dual nature of providing entertainment and education. In biblical prophecy, it has been observed that while there are prophets who received their oracle through dreams, audible voice, visions, and the likes, there are Prophets who received oracles when Music was being played. The question is: what is the connection or relationship between prophecy and music? Previous studies on prophecy have always considered it in terms of its roles in the society with little or no attention paid to the place of music in prophecy. The intention of this study is to examine the place of Music in Prophecy. 2 Kings 3: 15-16 was chosen as text of investigation to establish why Elisha requested for Music before prophesying. As a corollary, the study explored how the African Indigenous and Pentecostals churches in Nigeria received prophetic oracles in church services when music is being played. Inculturation method was used. It was discovered that Music occupied a unique place in the life and religion of ancient Israel and the church in Nigeria. Some Prophets in ancient Israel and Nigeria received prophetic oracles in a tense musical environment. Situations and events determine the type and nature of Music and Song. Music is a tool to bring down divine presence as evident by the reception and delivery of prophetic oracles in ancient Israel and Nigeria. Music is crucial in worship because it connects divinity to humanity. The paper concludes that Music serves as a catalyst to Prophecy.

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