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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Perspectives of Mechanical Engineering Students to Learning of Additive Manufacturing - Learning through Multiple Technologies

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Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Higher Education, Learning, Engineering, Perceived Learning, Student Feedback, Multiple Technologies
  • Pikkarainen, Ari
  • Piili, Heidi
  • Salminen, Antti
Additive manufacturing (AM) is a technology where an object is manufactured layer by layer based on 3D CAD data enabling new kind of freedom for design. AM is widely used especially in the universities and universities of applied sciences supporting the education of technical subjects which has increased the popularity of the technology. This has already led into new innovations in companies being able to benefit from the possibilities of AM when implementing AM in their processes. One of the most important issues in the use of AM in companies is the availability of experts able to adopt the AM principles e.g. to the manufacturing process. This requires the arrangement of diverse AM education by introducing multiple AM technologies to engineering students through perceived learning. Perceived learning combines the elements of situated learning and practice-oriented learning which were proved to be important elements in the arrangement of AM education in this study. This study presents a case study where student feedback and perceptions were collected and analysed regarding the use of multiple AM technologies simultaneously with relation to the learning results and to the development of their skill level and knowhow. The main goal of the study was to form a view about the use of multiple AM technologies simultaneously in engineering education and evaluate the development of students´ AM expertise during the engineering studies. The study was based on an advanced 3D printing course for 6th semester mechanical engineering students of the Lapland University of Applied Science in Finland held in 2020. A questionnaire was conducted to the students targeting to map the learning experiences with multiple technologies. The study presents the importance of using multiple technologies simultaneously in AM education enabling advanced learning where the skill level and knowhow of the students increased better than with the use of just one AM technology at a time.

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