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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Spending and Saving Behavior of Afghan Students in Mangalore City, India

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Afghan Students, Behavior, India, Mangalore City, Saving, Spending
  • Nasiri, Mohammad Ali
  • Sultani, Azizuddin
  • R., Dr. Chandrashekhar
Many studies have been done so far internationally to determine how the youths mainly, University students manage their money. To the best of our knowledge, no one has yet studied Afghan students' spending and saving behavior. Therefore, this study investigates the saving and spending behavior of Afghan Students in Mangalore City, India. Three different categories of students, undergraduate, postgraduate, and research scholar, are taken into consideration. The study's main objective was to determine how the Afghan students manage their income and expenditure while pursuing higher studies in India. The study also aims to determine the reasons for savings and whether there is any significant difference in the three categories of respondents' spending patterns. Primary data was collected through a structured questionnaire and analyzed using various statistical tools such as descriptive statistics and ANOVA. It was found that there exists a significant difference in the spending pattern of the three groups of students. Besides, it was also noticed that male and female respondents have slightly different reasons for savings. The Afghan students were thrifty about spending money and had a relatively higher propensity to save by reducing their expenses, and they had the habit of paying fixed costs first. The study further revealed that the Afghan students have not been saving regularly. They were reluctant to shop if they were short of budget. Male students save their money for an emergency, education, and other unforeseen purposes. Female students save for an emergency, higher education, and increase the level of savings.

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