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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

The Impact of Business Organizations on The Effective Development and Management of Human Capital

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Human Development, Organizations, Resource Management, Globalization, Unemployment, etc
  • Ameti, Ilaz
  • Ameti, Naser
  • Luma, Xhelal
The study focuses on the field of human resource management, and studies the importance and necessity of it and the models used by firms in human resource management.The impetus to this work, related to a series of important transformations of society tones, after the ‘’90-s.Nowadays, the strong tendencies towards globalization, when innovation has become a dominant element in the context of socio-economic development, the clear evidence of what we already call the knowledgeable society, poses new challenges to businesses and its management.It is important for everyone, especially managers, to have a good understanding of these challenges in order to increase theichances of success through more effective feedback.Making challenging changes, the economic growth, the global stability and the business success, will depend everyday more on innovative management and leadership. As is well known, the environment in which organizations operate today is constantly changing, and is becoming increasingly unpredictable.The private sector, in our economy, is expanding day by day, and the public sector is increasingly using competitive management practices with those of the private sector. During this process, many enterprises are closed, privatized and restructured, affecting the level of employment throughout the country. Although the unemployment rate remains relatively high, it makes it easier to find a workforce in the labor market in the Republic of North Macedonia. They are aware more and more about the necessity of employee recruitment to have the necessary skills and the right motivation. In developed countries, well-selected and motivated human resources are considered a competitive advantage for companies. In the current competitive business environment, there are high expectations from the human resources manager and the strategic partner model of the human resources manager.

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