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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Shifting from a Teacher-Centred to a Student-Centred Approach in the General Education of Georgia: Attitudes and Classroom Practices of Teachers

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Attitudes, Teaching Practice, Student-Centred Teaching, Teacher-Centred Teaching
  • Kitiashvili, Anastasia
Student-centred teaching has replaced the teacher-centred approach in many Western countries as an effective tactic offering positive consequences for both learners and teachers. Due to an intensive reform process, the student-centred approach is widely acknowledged among teachers and institutions in Georgia, but little is known as to how successfully they have implemented the practice. The aim of this research was to analyse attitudes of teachers toward using a student-centred approach in general education of Georgia and to examine their practice in the classroom. The research sample included 30 schools in Tbilisi, 180 surveyed teachers, and 60 observed lessons. Though some positive changes can be observed, the overall implementation of a student-centred approach is still a challenge; existing changes are not comprehensive enough to produce a fundamental influence over common teaching practices. Positive attitudes towards using a student-centred teaching approach have been formed among many teachers, although only partly implemented by them in practice. According to the theory of Planned Behaviour, attitudes are predispositions to certain types of behaviour, although behavioural achievement depends on other factors as well, such as motivation and ability. In terms of the Normative Theory of Social Change, the majority of teachers still endorse a teacher-centred approach to education; in order to adopt a student-centred approach among the majority, a superficial compliance among in the majority is insufficient. A genuine internalization of change is required to change the common practice.

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