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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Parents as a Communication Technology Distributor and their Effort in Maintaining the Children’s Character

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Communication Technology, Childrens Character
  • Sukabawa, I Wayan
Using technology to conduct a long-distance communication is very relevant to be used in this era, especially now that people's thought about technology is very sophisticated. For that reason, parents are obliged to be able to use technology as best as they can, so that they are not being inferior to children. If parents do not know about technology, they will be fooled by technology slowly. One of the uses of technology in parents is to be able to communicate with people, especially with their children. If children are not monitored from any angle, especially those who are distant from their families, will impact to the children's behavior that will change quickly in a negative way. So that, communication technology is considered to be good to grow character of the children. As for the impact that will be occured if there is no communication, is that, from internal fator: there is a difference of thinking between children and parents with different levels of education, from an external factor: namely the difficulty to control children to get along with friends who can make their character faltering. So, from that, it is very important for people to supervise their children all the time in order to grow good character to the children. From these impacts, it can be given the appropriate solution in order to develop children's character in accordance with what is expected. Parents must spend time and attention on the children and make an approach, as well as the unity of heart between the father and mother, so that the children will feel loved and valued as a child. This study is done to facilitate parents in guiding and directing as well as fostering good culture and appropriate behavior in children. Even though through social media, the children will feel cared for by the family and the child will be able to build character with the basis of attention directly

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