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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Faith and Reason from an Ecological and Interdisciplinary Perspective

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Ecology, Faith, Theology and Trinity
  • e Silva, Elionaldo Ecione
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This article articulates faith and reason as of the knowledge of Holy Trinity, that is the foundation of the faith and the basis of theological knowledge. This approach passes through the ecological dimension in an interdisciplinary perspective. Thus, we have a panoramic and contextualized reflection on the ecological problematic, as well as a valid contribution of theological science to this pertinent and current issue. From a Christian faith perspective and in-depth knowledge of God's Trinitarian mystery, reflection on life and its social, economic, cultural and political relations must have a new meaning. Ethics and spirituality that promote growth and their social and environmental relationships. Life on the planet is in the hands of the human family who must decide which path to follow, life or death. We should not prescind from the actual reference of humanity revealed by Jesus Christ in history. It has already shown us that an anthropic humanism without transcendence leads to the destruction not only of humankind itself but also of the reality, as happened in World War II. In other words, if we do not have a transcendent reference of humanity, we may fall to the existential void of our absolute nothingness. This work aims to relate theological knowing to other forms of knowledge, seeking a greater understanding of life and the cosmos, from an interdisciplinary perspective. For this reason, understand- -ing complex thought as well as Teilhard's Natural Theology is going to give the tunes of this theological concert, which will rock our search for the perfect and definitive symphony, the simplest and softest song of existence

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