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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Relative Effectiveness of E-Laboratory and Real Laboratory in Improving Students’ Performance in Secondary School Practical Biology in Ondo State

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Achievement, Attitude, E Laboratory, Real laboratory
  • Olusola, Dada Yetunde
  • Kayode, Fakiye Olabode
  • Sunday, Ariyo Oyeniyi
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Creative Commons License:
The study examined the relative effectiveness of e-laboratory and real laboratory in improving performance of students in practical Biology in Ondo State. Also, it compared the attitudes of Biology students towards Biology practical when they are taught using e-laboratory and real laboratory. These were with a view to determining a suitable Laboratory activity for students’ learning in practical Biology. The study adopted the non-equivalent pretest, posttest control group research design. The population for the study comprised of senior secondary school science students in Ondo State. One senatorial district was selected from the three senatorial districts of Ondo State, using simple random sampling technique. One Local Government Area (LGA) in the senatorial district was selected using simple random sampling technique. The sample for the study comprised of 72 Biology students in two intact classes from two Senior Secondary Schools one (SSS 1). The schools were randomly assigned to treatments and one intact class was used in each school. The sample was purposively selected from two senior secondary schools in one LGA based on availability of well-equipped laboratory and internet facilities. There were two groups: one group contained 35 students for e-Laboratory (eL) and the other 37 students for real laboratory (RL). Two instruments were used to collect data for the study namely: Achievement Test on Biology Practical (ATBP) and Questionnaire on Attitude of Student towards Biology Practical (QASBP). Data obtained were analysed using t-test. The results indicated that there was no significant difference in the students’ academic achievement when exposed to e-Laboratory (eL) and Real Laboratory (RL) (t=0.72; p>0.05). The findings also showed that there was no significant difference in the improvement in attitude of students under the two forms of Laboratory activities (t=0.69; p>0.05). The study concluded that students learnt better when taught with e-laboratory

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