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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Pleading for Reading in the 21st Century

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Books, Education, Primary School, Progress, Stimulate
  • Ciobanu, Nicoleta Ramona
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Education is defined as a multi-level complex process whose success depends on a multitude of rigorously elaborated factors (material, spiritual, organizational). Teachers are the ones who broaden the child's knowledge of the world and life in their complexity: love of peers, nature, appetite and then love for the book etc. A book can give us the answer to many questions, or it can tell us so many misunderstandings. It is a magical realm of fantasy that is woven with reality. It can satisfy our curiosity, or it can carry us through imagination in the past, in the present tumultuous or in the future, can bring us spiritual fulfillment and exalt our soul. Although books have recently been replaced by TV or computer, we hope that by actively and consciously participating in these activities, children will cultivate their love for books. The book remains the main source of information, the indispensable support of educational activity. The mere presence of the book around the child is just a prerequisite for cultivating the taste for reading, but it is not enough, followed by the child's urge and careful guidance to reading. Only when both the educator and the parent encourage and help reasonably where the child cannot, the calling of the book comes from within and brings the joy of reading and knowing. I set out the objectives of this paper to express interest in the book; to share the pleasure of reading with others around; to show attitude of care and respect to the book; to know the institutions in charge of keeping and selling books

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