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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Impact of Batstateu - College of Teacher Education Socio-Economic Extension Services to Badjao Community in Libjo, Batangas City

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Extension Program, Socio Economic Impact, Community Services
  • Abrea, Rowena R.
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Teachers Education Institutions has always been at the forefront in the development of every individual. The challenge of real transformative role of education and the concept of corporate social responsibility becomes a reality when education institution articulates this in form of extension services. This study evaluated the impact of the socio economic services rendered by the College of Teacher Education to Badjao community at Libjo, Batangas City. The descriptive method of research was utilized with the aid of the questionnaire and unstructured interview to assess the impact of the extension services to Badjao families. The respondents of this study were the 15 Badjao families, 11 baranggay officials including the two caretakers and 60 baranggay constituents. The sample size of the baranggay constituents was determined using the Slovin’s formula. The findings revealed that as for livelihood program, the respondents strongly agreed that the Badjaos are capable of applying some of the skills learned. As to literacy, the respondents strongly agreed that the Badjaos learned the simple writing, reading and counting. In terms of social skills, not all respondents agreed that the Badjaos were able to develop their social skills. It is good to note that the Badjao became hygienic after being trained by the CTE extensionists. As to constraints and challenges met by the Badjaos, it was found out that inadequate capital hinder them to apply what they learned from the extension services. Based on the findings, the researchers prepared an action plan to address the weaknesses and constraints found. It was recommended that the College prepare necessary actions to resolve the constraints met and strengthen the weaknesses

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