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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Preventing Early Sexual Intercourse and Teenage Pregnancy - A Review of Recent Effectiveness Research

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Teenage Pregnancy, Early Sexual Intercourse, Health, Adolescent
  • Peҫi, Blerta
  • of Tirana, University
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Reviews of international policies indicate that crisis pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections can be prevented. There are three broad approaches to promoting positive sexual health and preventing pregnancy and STIs. The following sections provide an overview of the research evidence of the effectiveness of different strategies aimed at preventing unintended pregnancy and promoting positive sexual health. The first part of this section provides an overview of approaches to sex education and presents the current evidence of their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and promoting sexual health. The second part of the section presents an overview of contraceptive counselling and service delivery and presents the current research knowledge of these services in reducing unintended teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. This paper has summarised the most up-to-date knowledge on the effectiveness of educational approaches aimed at preventing teenage pregnancy and/or promoting sexual health among adolescents. The evidence is mixed. Programmes which focus on the issues of sexuality and contraception have demonstrated some effectiveness in delaying sexual intercourse and in improving the use of protection/birth control. Programmes that focus on antecedents that indirectly impact on sexual health outcomes, such as poor educational attainment, have also demonstrated positive effects on teenage sexual behaviour and teenage pregnancy. Programmes that combine sexuality education and youth development have provided very strong evidence of a reduction of teenage pregnancy. These findings support our increasing knowledge about the antecedents of teenage sexual behaviour and teenage pregnancy.

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