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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Study on Interorganizational Factors Affecting the Promotion of Spirit and Consciousness in Department of Management, Yasouj Universities

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Job motivation, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Justice, Work Consciousness, Organizational Participation, University, Yasouj
  • Zadeh, Nabiallah P.
  • Hosseini, Dr. SayedEhsan A.
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Morale, represents a value in the field of culture and social duties and responsibilities with aspects of its angles and taking into account the Education and Islamic values can be decisive and effective role in development of cultural society, planners and managers, and policy makers massive development programmes to access to a great goals for the new Islamic civilization in a confident and hope. Morale of the most important elements in the ethics and our culture and the clearest behavioral modes of the Iranian nation in the history of the old, big official leadership on the issue has tremendous significance of that delicate situation in the country (Panahi, and Ibrahim-1386), and conscience of work as tension or internal force that people in the community to do more and better upfans , in the first rank of human cognitive levels , and in terms of a dignitaries that regulator and thoughts of the person's behavior and society , In recent years, work ethic quickly in business organizations has become important , because researchers have come to the conclusion that the position of the one hand and the competitiveness of the global markets, to a great extent people tend to work . They stressed that economic prosperity requires managerial ability, job skills, ethics, work with the work of the employees and ingrained convictions related to work (azeim, 1999). In this study was trying to examine intra – organizational factors affecting the promotion of the spirit of the conscience of the organizational work employees working in Yasouj / National universities. Work consciousness roots in our culture and beliefs. Due to this, it is so important that in terms of status and position is considered in the field of human's motivations and desires. The area of desires and motivations are the most fundamental areas of perception and existence for human being and by relying on that, the work consciousness or motivation to do right thing can be viewed as the most basic factors for individual and social behaviors of human being. These studies aimed at the investigation of inter organizational factors affecting the promotion of spirit and consciousness in employees of Yasouj universities. This research is analytical regression which was performed on 280 people of Yasouj universities' employees in year 2014. So, considering that statistical population is 280 people, the sample was estimated 228 people based on Jersey Morgan table. The sampling method was stratified proportionate assignment. For data collection, the Nihof and Moorman organizational justice questionnaire, Specter job satisfaction measurement questionnaire and Hakman and Oldham job motivation questionnaire would be used. To measure work consciousness of employees, the employees' work consciousness questionnaire Iraj Bastami was used. Data analysis was performed by using of SPSS 22 software which is included two parts. Descriptive part: in this part mean, deviation standard, frequency and frequency percent were used; inferential part: in this part, to test hypothesis the Pearson correlation test and to predicate work consciousness, the linear regression was used by using of independent variables. Finally, the results showed that organizational justice (r=0.300 and p=0.000), job satisfaction (r=0.252 and p=0.000) and job motivation (r=0.400 and p=0.000) had positive and significant relationship with work consciousness. Organizational communications (r=-0.110 and p=0.098) organizational participation (r=0.215 and p=0.083) had no significant relation with work consciousness of employees. The results of linear regression showed that four variables including organizational justice, job satisfaction, job motivation and organizational participation are effective to predicate work consciousness, but organizational communication is not effective to predicate it. The results showed that most effective factor to predicate work consciousness is job motivation. Consequently, it is suggested that more attention be given to organizational justice, employees' job satisfaction and their motivation in universities of this city.

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