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Blended Learning in National Open University of Nigeria (Noun) - Prospects and Constraints

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Blended Learning, Information and Communication Technologies ICTs, NOUN, Students
  • Ezekoka, Dr. (Mrs. ) G. K.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Creative Commons License:
This study investigated the prospects and constraints of blended learning among National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) students in Owerri study center. The study adopted descriptive survey design using researcher-made questionnaire to collect data. Four research questions guided this study with mean scores as the statistical tool. Fifty (50) students were randomly selected from across the disciplines as respondents. The findings of the study were as follows: The benefits of blended learning in NOUN include: it enables NOUN students to study anywhere and at their own pace; it facilitates independent learning; it helps to reduce the withdrawal rate of students; it is cost effective; substitutes attending classes; enhances student learning outcomes and helps balance work and school. NOUN students love blended learning and prefer it to the practice of only face-to-face instruction. Three models of blended learning are practiced in NOUN and these are the face-to face driver model, rotation model and self blend model. The constraints to the use of blended learning in NOUN are: the students at times feel lonely and isolated when using blended learning; technophobia; lack of computer operating skills by students; high cost of Information and Communication Technologies; poor internet connectivity and the fact that blended learning requires students to devote more time to their studies. Some recommendations were made among which is that NOUN should be well equipped with ICTs and the students exposed regularly to these to ensure they acquire computer skills. Also the federal government should ensure good internet connectivity in Nigeria to boost blended learning and the use of ICTs in schools.

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