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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Research on School Countermeasures Based on Common Psychological Problems of Junior Middle School Students

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Junior High School, Students Mental Health, Common Psychological Problems, Countermeasures Research
  • Lin, Xue
  • He, Yanzhi
At present, the work of mental health education in schools is difficult to be effective, one of the reasons is the lack of research on the level of students' mental problems, ignoring the individuality and pertinence of mental health education, and failing to adopt targeted education strategies and transformation skills. Middle school students are in a high-tide period of development in all aspects, which belongs to the shaping stage. Junior high school is the key stage of social values, outlook on life, learning ability and psychological quality training. However, due to the unsound development of body and mind and the influence of external factors, middle school students are prone to psychological problems during this period. Therefore, the psychological problems of middle school students become a constant pursuit of the topic of education. In order to provide teachers with timely and effective psychological guidance and survey students' psychological problems so that they can actively face the psychological cheek pouch problems, I conducted a survey on some common psychological problems of junior high school students. Based on the analysis of the existing psychological problems of middle school students, this paper finds that these problems are divided into five levels: learning maladjustment problem, compulsive problem, depression problem, anxiety problem and horror problem. Only by studying students' psychological problems in a targeted way can educators find out the corresponding strategies and measures to solve different levels of psychological problems effectively through accurate perspective of students' psychological problems. This paper puts forward the following three aspects of school countermeasures, first, for the school education work, to carry out a variety of mental health education activities. Secondly, strengthen the harmonious development of teacher-student relationship according to the moral education of teachers; third, according to the student individual difference, raises the student two-way psychological substitution. Based on the current situation of the school and the reality of students' psychological life, this paper probes into the levels of students' psychological problems and corresponding countermeasures of school education, and puts forward some strategies and propositions for students to borrow and sign.

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