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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Physical Health Program to Metabolic Syndrome Prevention via Some Psychological, Biochemical and Physical Variables in a Female Sample of 19-22 Years Based Vienna Test System

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Metabolic Syndrome, Vienna Test System, Physical-Health Program, Prophylactic Programs
  • Honi, Sundus Farouk
  • Atya, Hassan Hadi
The metabolic syndrome (MS) or such called insulin resistance syndrome or syndrome X is a constellation of interconnected physiological, biochemical, clinical and metabolic factors that directly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and all-cause mortality. It is not a disease but a group of characteristics that include obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels and high fat in blood. This work proposed a physical-health program to MS prevention based female samples of 19 to 22 years implementing some blood tests. Several factors that constitute the blood test are represented by hemoglobin, leukocytes and psychological stress. Herein, the experimental research methodology for one experimental group is used for a group of females, for the period from July 17, 2018 to October 18, 2018. It is noticed that any changes occur in the variables resulting changes in the level of hemoglobin, white blood cells and accompanied by psychological stress. On one hand, the test is achieved by implementing particular tests and other psychological measures for each individual of the sample. That occurs by using Vienna Test System (VTS) technique, which is utilized to measure foiling threshold and the endurance of stress and tension by applying tests and measures of verifying the ratio of the bio- chemical status of (hemoglobin and white blood cells). The result has been talked statistically by using SPSS program for social sciences, issue (V24). The researchers conclude that it is probable to protect body from metabolism syndrome by conducting (healthy & psychological) prophylactic program rather than relying on the bio-chemical, psychological and physical changes for the female sample.

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