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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

The Status of ICT Employment among Iranian Freelance Translators

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Freelance Translator, Translators Workstation, Machine Translation, Computer-Assisted Translation, Information and Communications Technology
  • Abdi, Hamidreza
In today’s world, information and communications technologies are effective and significant tools for translators. This includes both general-purpose software applications and special-purpose software, such as Internet search engines and business networks. Fulford and Granell-Zafra (2005) presented a model which covers both information and communications technology (ICT) and computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to support a wide range of activities, including document production, information search and retrieval, communications, business management, marketing and work procurement, and translation creation. Among the activities included in their model, information search and retrieval, communications, and marketing and work procurement are supported by ICT tools, and the rest by CAT tools. This paper aimed at investigating the status of ICT employment among Iranian freelance translators. A questionnaire survey was used for data collection from participants in the present study. The findings of the study reported most employment of general-purpose software applications by Iranian freelance translators, such as online dictionaries and Web browsers, whereas the least employment was found to be special-purpose software, such as File Protocol Transfer (FTP) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). In addition, the effectiveness of ICT has been accepted by most Iranian freelance translators. This study also offered implications for those responsible for the spread of ICT knowledge via translation, for those responsible for training translators, for both translation students and trainee translators, for novice freelance translators, and for those who have invested in the translation sector.

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