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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

Demographic Group Differences in Stress Coping Mechanism: The Case of Public-School Administrators in the Division of Romblon

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Stress, Coping Mechanism, Demographics and School Administrators
  • Wong, Jonathan P.
  • Tome, Christine M.
  • Wong, Amaranth M.
Managing schools under challenging conditions brings untold occupational stress to school principals as in the case of school administrators in the Division of Romblon who are also facing similar pressure brought about by many work-related stressors ranging from administrative tasks and the pressure of improving students’ academic performance. The pressure, therefore, requires an effective stress coping mechanism from both the administrators and the organization that would lead to better work performance. This study, therefore, is an attempt to help build better stress management program for school administrators by providing baseline information on the way they cope up stress based on demographic groupings. A Coping Stress Indicators (CSI) questionnaire was administered to public-school administrators using survey method. Parametric tests using the t-test for independent sample and the Pearson’s correlation revealed the existence of statistically significant interactions between the coping strategies to stressful situations and the demographic and job characteristics (age, sex, job position, and length of service). The results allow us to compare the stress coping mechanism of school administrators between different demographic groupings which provide valuable input to any stress management program to be developed by the Department of Education. Further study is likewise encouraged of similar nature using a qualitative method to understand more fully those stress coping mechanisms not covered in this study

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