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Acknowledgement of the Customary Land Right for Indigenous People Surrounding the Lore Lindu National Park Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Acknowledge, Customary Land Right, Indigenous People, Lore Lindu National Park
  • Mappatoba, Marhawati
  • Muis, Abdul
  • Anwar, Chairil
  • Jumiati, Sri
The acknowledgement of customary land of the indigenous people is important since they become the first affected by the Park management in Lore Lindu National Park (LLNP)-Indonesia. Based on this statement, the objective of this research is to provide an acknowledgement of the customary land right of the indigenous people at the Park area. In order to achieve the aims of the research, mostly qualitative analytical techniques were applied. A qualitative approach with descriptive was used to analyze the park history, values and problems, acknowledge customary land right of local communities, and interests of the local communities. The result show that the indigenous people in general have a more complete knowledge of land use within their areas than any government officials, because their livelihoods depend on their understanding and their traditional system in managing forest for their lives. Other strains on indigenous people systems of land use have been government-approved forest concessions, transmigration schemes, and mines, these have reduced the land accessible to indigenous people and increased pressure on their remaining customary land right and denying their adequate rights of access and management of forest areas

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