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International Journal of Innovation and Research in Educational Sciences

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Year: 2017

  • Liu, Yi et al. "The Establishment of a Cultural Vulnerability Assessment System and an Analysis of its Applicability". IJIRES 4.6 (2017): 638-646. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Hajrulla, Veneranda. "Some Practical Tips on Error Correction". IJIRES 4.6 (2017): 635-637. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Kelo, Lorena, Sotiraq Marko and Esmeralda Guliqani. "Interesting Aspects in Complement the Teaching Process of Physics". IJIRES 4.6 (2017): 631-634. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Custodio, Lily P. "Ethical Inclinations of Graduate Students at a State University in Catanduanes, Philippines". IJIRES 4.6 (2017): 624-630. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Mashuri, Sufri. "The Effectivenes of using Computer-Based Multimedia in Teaching Geometry at Junior High School". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 621-623. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Dennis, Jennifer and Mary Dzindolet. "Comparing Linked and Traditional Courses for Academic Performance and Retention". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 618-620. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Rochester, Charmaine Spence et al. "Identifying Healthcare CFO Professional Development Attributes". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 609-617. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Thakur, Madhu and Amit Banerji. "Analysis of Employee-Employer Relationship in Private Education Institutions: A Case Study of Technical Institutions in Madhya Pradesh (Part – II)". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 594-608. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Thakur, Madhu and Amit Banerji. "Analysis of Employee-Employer Relationship in Private Education Institutions : A Case Study of Technical Institutions in Madhya Pradesh (Part – I)". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 581-593. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Qiang, Wu Zi and Qi Jing Yu. "The Reflect on the Questions of Farmers Financial Rights of China". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 578-580. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Agustina. "Verbal Violence During Jakarta Election (Pragmatics Study)". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 571-577. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Dang, Xuan Hoan. "Problems in Human Resource Development Plan of Vietnam During the Era of Increasing International Integration". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 567-570. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Qi, Xiaolin and Yuhong Zhan. "Study on Faculty Advancement in Private Universities in Hubei During Transformation —Based on the Survey in 8 Private Universities in Hubei". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 560-566. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Isik, Ismet S. and Sebahattin Ziyanak. "Review and Analysis of the Role of the Principal in Shaping a School Culture". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 556-559. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Muthike, Winfred Ndunguri, Prof. John Mwaruvie and Prof. Zakariah K. Mbugua. "Influence of School Policies on Students’ Participation in Co-Curricular Activities: a Case of Public Secondary Schools in Aberdare Central Region, Kenya". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 553-555. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Zerrudo, Orlando DL, Nasser A. Salain and Haipa A. Salain. "Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change: Awareness of Basilan State College Freshman Students". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 547-552. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Francis, Majida and Ibrahim Kibbi. "The Effect of 3D Video Animation on BT2 I Students’ Motivation, Comprehension and Academic Achievement in Computer Course at a Private Vocational Institute in Mount Lebanon". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 537-546. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Shahdadi, Hosien et al. "The Quality of Life of Medical Students in Iran: A Literature Review". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 534-536. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Mappatoba, Marhawati et al. "Acknowledgement of the Customary Land Right for Indigenous People Surrounding the Lore Lindu National Park Central Sulawesi, Indonesia". IJIRES 4.5 (2017): 528-533. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • I, Glodiya Fernando. N. and Shivany. S. "Power of Brand Name Characteristics on Leisure Shopping". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 523-527. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Leitner, Borbala. "Physical Examination of Natural Phenomena Game Theory, Probability Theory and Network Properties". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 519-522. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Aprianti, Melani. "The Application of Student Teams Achievement Division to Increase the English Language Learning Achievement among College Students". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 514-518. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Esq, Omoleke Muslim and Nnamdi Ifeanyi Maduekwe. "The use of Geospatial Technology for Managing Elections in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 509-513. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Kangkha, Patcharin and Tengku Sepora Tengku Mahadi. "Challenges and Opportunities for Internationalism Impacts Towards Thai Higher Education". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 502-508. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • F., Dr. Bamidele E. and Yoade F. B. (Mrs. ). "Effects of Modes of Computer Animation Instructional Packages on Students’ Achievement in OSUN State Secondary Schools’ Biology". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 496-501. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Acar, Bryant C. "The Implementation of the 11th Grade Senior High School Program Academic Track in Science Technology Education Center (STEC): An Action Plan". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 491-495. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Vijayalakshmi, Dr. B. and G. Yamuna. "A Study on Employee Motivation, Group Behavior & Competency: Impact on Job Satisfaction and Performance". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 483-490. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Fontanella, Amy, Sukartini and Novrina Chandra. "The Effect of Vision and Mission Statement on Performance of Accounting Program of State Polytechnics in Indonesia". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 476-482. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • DEMIR, Erman M. "Career Counseling in Creative Economy Context: Innovative Approaches in Turkey". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 471-475. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Esq, Omoleke Muslim. "Assessment of Social Acceptability of Modern Technologies for Electoral Activities in Nigeria". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 464-470. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Madlambayan, Jed V. "Students’ Perceived Level of Importance and Performance of School Counselor Roles and Functions". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 456-463. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Goghari, Mohammadsadegh. "Global Competitiveness: Case Study of Iran". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 452-455. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Murad, Zainab. "The Powerful Effect of Headscarf Fashion on Middle East Market and its Global Reflections". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 446-451. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Eddahby, M., S. Harir and A. Zouhair. "The Student’s Conceptions about the Nuclear Fission and Fusion". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 441-445. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Chairunnisa, Dr. Connie. "Challenge for School Management Inclusive in Indonesia Through Education Strategy". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 436-440. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Porebska-Quasnik, Professor Dominique. "Architectural Form of Thought in Music". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 433-435. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Gomes, Teena and Shireen Panchoo. "TQM in Private Secondary Education in Mauritius". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 421-432. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Dieng, Mamadou. "From Speaking to Writing: An Innovative Approach to Argumentative Writing Teaching in ESL/EFL Contexts". IJIRES 4.4 (2017): 416-420. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Vicente, Maria Eugenia. "Family-School Relationship: Conceptual Contributions Drawn From Evidence in Argentina". IJIRES 4.3 (2017): 409-415. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
  • Bendlin, Luciano. "Cost Management from the Application of the Target Cost in the Educational Resources of a University". IJIRES 4.3 (2017): 403-408. [More] [Full text] [Bibtex]
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